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1-23-12  Camera Nook is now live and offers a massive selection of digital cameras, camcorders and camera related accessories with order fulfillment by Walmart. As everyone knows, Walmart usually has the best prices on just about anything, and their online camera prices do not disappoint.

3-18-11  Hunters, Shooters, and Law Enforcement Officers may be interested in checking out which offers a huge selection of guns, ammunition and gun accessories. I wasn't aware that you could buy guns on the internet but the fact is that you can. What they do is take orders online and then ship it to a local and licensed firearms dealer who is responsible for background checks and actually fulfilling the order. Most ammo, however, is shipped directly. This site has a huge selection that you won't want to miss.

11-2-10  Today is the day we get to participate in politics by voting at our local precincts. Isn't America great! Speaking of great, I found some cool spy gadgets at Gadget Realm. Have any use for baby sitter cameras? How about bug detectors? Not the creepy crawly kind but the surveillance kind. If so, you might also have a use for these pepper spray systems. In need of more firepower than pepper spray? How about a nice brand new taser? How about a DVR Camcorder Pen Camera Recorder. All of these cool items and more can be found online at Gadget Realm and are sold through Brick House Security. Hopefully you won't need any of these self-defense items at your local polling place.

09-30-10  Vitamin Venue is an online purveyor of products to make you healthy. Besides the obvious Vitamin section, they also offer separate sections for Aroma Therapy, Homepathic Remedies, Pet Care, and Sexual Health. You will be quite amazed at the huge number of wellness products they offer. Check em out and stay healthy!

08-17-10  Check out for a huge selection of childrens shoes, ladies shoes, men's shoes, and handbags and accessories. Whether its clogs, boots, leather handbags, dress shoes, athletic shoes, or sport specific shoes you are looking for, you are sure to find it at

06-22-10 recently got a major facelift. It is now all based on CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and has extremely fast page load speeds. For web developers looking to optimize for opage load speeds this is a great way to go. Additional product categories have also been added to including Industrial Supplies and Scientific and Laboratory Equipment.

01-21-09 is an interesting online clothing store which offers remaindered goods from top apparel designers like Acne Jeans, Adrienne Landau, Balenciaga, Cinzia Rocca, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Hermes, and many other famous designers at a fraction of the cost you would expect to pay at high end clothing boutiques. The prices can be as much as 70% off. You can browse through their complete list of designers here.

01-04-09  Happy shopping to all of you in the new year. Retail sales as everyone already knows have been dismal, and many mainstream media pundits are predicting the closure of thousands of small retail stores over the next few months. Already bricks and mortar stores like Linens N Things and Circuit City are being liquidated. As always, effective customer relationship management can ride to to the rescue. Retailers looking for a great book on this subject should take a look at Effective Customer Relationship Management: How Emotion Drives Sustainable Success by Amy Sauers. While much of this book deals with CRM software, the lessons learned can be used by retailers both big and small.

08-22-08 offers a wide range of books on antiques including how to collect them, valuem, restore, and display them. If you are into antiques, you will find plenty of antiques related books to help you better enjoy your hobby.

05-11-08  A new wine store is now out there on the internet. Vino Complete offers a huge selection of wines from all over the world. Included are California Cabernet Savignon, Pinot Noir from New Zeeland, German Rieslings, and Italian Red Wines. Most vintages are available by the bottle or by the case. So when you are hankering for one of the long lost labels from your youth, Check out this site. It may not have the exact year that you remember, but they just may have wine from that some winery. Bon Appetit!

05-08-08  Here's a crazy concept. You can now get a custom written limerick to use on birthday cards, love notes, etc. from For the poetry challenged, it's a great way to spruce up those home made greeting cards that everyone loves. In fact, We stopped using store-bought cards a few years ago. The handmade ones (while they take some work) seem to be more appreciated by the recipient, perhaps becuase of the time and effort involved. This site also has an option to get a limerick written for your web site which is a unique way of getting some exposure on the web. For a one time fee, these limericks are then listed on the front page of the Gift of Limerick site, which can slso help with site backlinks.

04-01-08  A couple of web sites that I have mentioned previously have been revamped and are now easier to use. Take a look at Arc Hardware, an online hardware and tool store, and Arc Luggage an online retailer of luggage, handbags, etc.

10-06-07  Contact Lens Station is a new web site offering all kinds of disposable contact lenses and accessories. All the top brands are listed including Ciba Vision, GT Laboratories, Benz Research, Polymer Technology, Bausch & Lomb, and Wesley Jessen. They also offer rewetting drops, contact lens solution, colored contacts, and more. The prices are typically lower than you will find at your eye doctor.

5-16-06  With all the talk of war, hurricanes, tsunamis, and other natural and man-made disasters, you might want to think about getting yourself prepared for the worst. Survival Universe is a store that offers a huge selection of products designed to help you survive whatever is thrown at you. They offer gas masks, dehydrated food, emergency first aid kits, and other survival related paraphernalia.

3-16-06  While this rant really doesn't have a lot to do with shopping, I am writing to discuss a problem that has affected thousands of computers over the last few years. Spyware (aka adware / malware) has taken over an awful lot of computers. The sad part is that there is virtually nothing that can be done to fix a computer once it's been infected, short of totally reinstalling the operating system. Twice in the last few months I have had friends who have gotten infected by clicking on sites that appear in the top ten results on Google. Given the company's financial and technology prowess, you would think they could do something to eliminate sites that install malware on a user's computer without permission. Google uses human editors to look at sites and verify that they are worthwhile to add to Google's index. Why they don't bother looking to see if these sites present a threat to their users is beyond me. Instead of spending money on worthless toy software like Google Mars, why don't they attack this problem?

The total loss of productivity caused by spyware and malware has to be astronomical. The two instances that I know of involve sites related to music which makes me think they are domiciled outside the US. Why don't the search engines have an option to limit search results to sites only in a particular country. This could prevent many of these attacks right off the bat since most spyware / adware sites NEED to be outside the US in order to avoid prosecution. Perhaps they could list on the search results where the site is located (which shouldn't be too hard to do) so that users can decide whether its really worthwhile to visit a site located in Romania, Outer Monogolia, Lithuania, or Russia. Perhaps they can note whether the site is known to put users at risk for spyware via an icon of some type.

While these two instances involve Google, I suspect that Yahoo and MSN have a similar problem, but I could be wrong. Perhaps the reason they don't index as many pages as Google is the fact that large quantities of pages on the internet are useless, and many are also potentially harmful. Perhaps MSN and Yahoo are already doing this. In any case this problem is bad now and is bound to get worse as time goes on. C'mon Google, if your mantra is to "Do No Evil", how can you justify not warning users when spyware, adware, malware or viruses are known to be associated with a particular site. While I have not seen this type of problem with their targeted ads (adwords), perhaps their goal is to get people to click on their ads knowing they are probably safe, versus their natural search results (which could easily trash your computer). If you feel as strongly about htis as I do, feel free to forward this blog to your friends, and if enough of us complain, perhaps we can get the search engine to DO SOMETHING about it! While this blog doesn't have the capability of adding user comments on the fly, if you have some please email them to and I will print them here.

3-10-06  Sleep Market is cool sleep related shopping site. It offers a full line of CPAP related products for individuals suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Visit today to find CPAP machines, CPAP masks, Bi-level devices and more.

12-19-05  Scohrs is an apparel retailer that offers a huge range of clothing, shoes, watches, jewelry, beauty items and more. They also have a large selection of Luggage, , Maternity Clothes, Sunglasses, and Swimwear.

11-12-05  Just for fun, I started searching the web for obscure shopping sites dedicated to crazy topics. While everyone needs to use the bathroom, would you believe there is a site called which only sells toilets and bidets, and related products? Talk about being specific on a subject. Whether or not anyone actually buys complete toilets, bidets, and the like online is a subject I guess I'll never know.

9-15-05  With the start of the holiday shopping season fast approaching, it is time to start looking for hot toys for the kiddies. Hot Wheels are an age old favorite for boys aged 5-12. Now, of course, there are hot wheels video games, hot wheels games, and hit wheels scale vehicles, all of which can be found at Fun Toy Store. Scooters will be hot again this christmas, and can be purchased for both boys and girls. For the girls, another old time favorite with a new twist is the Barbie Fairytopia collection. All of these toys are similar to regular Barbie dolls, but these ones have wings and fanciful colors, making them appeal even more to the younger set. Comic Books are always a popular item, with the variety and types available exceeding every child's fantasy. Children's Humor Books can also add a little fun to a child's early reading succes, and also make a great gift. Another cool tool to use for internet toy shopping is to use obe of the product search engines like Arc Spider which has tens of thousands of toys and games available to purchase. This shopping service allows you to continuously narrow down your choices by price or brand, until you find just the right holiday gift for the little ones on your shopping list.

3-28-05  Pro Tool Brands has a huge list of Professional tools for contractors and people who like to do it themsleves. Over 250 of the top manufacturers of tools and hardware are listed, including Agri-Fab, Arcan, BAC Industries, Makita, Contico, Cotterman, Coxreels, Porter-Cable, Quick Grip, and many others. .

3-01-05  A new shopping search engine is now online at This site currently lists over 4 million products from over 45 different online merchants. The search results are blazingly fast, and the results are very easy to use. All of the top online retailers are included in the products listed at this search engine, including,, Dick's Sporting Goods, Compusa, Linens-n-Things, Boaters World, Good Guys, Musician's Friend, Northern Tool, Ace Hardware, and many others.

There is also a new online bookstore you might to try. Book Territory offers thousands of books in over 50 main sections. Overall I estimate it has well over a million books and book related product listings.

1-03-05  Happy New Year, and all of us at Healthysearch1 wish you a prosperous and peaceful 2005.

I mentioned this site in a previous column, but Garden Sensation has totally revamped their site, and now offers a much better assortment of products to enhance your lawn and garden. Besides the aforementioned Adirondack Furniture they now have Garden Trellises, Bird Feeders, Garden Gnomes, Garden Accents, Saunas, Weather Stations, plus Porch Swings, and other items you may want to upgrade the lok and feel of your home. Now that spring is almost in the air, its time to start planning those outdoor remodeling projects, and you may find this site extremely useful in that regard.

11-30-04  Videos and DVDs make excellent holiday shopping gifts. Almost everyone has a VCR or DVD player, and these items are relatively inexpensive. If you are looking for a specific movie, try the new product search engine at Arc Spider. At last count Arc Spider had over 4.4 million products listed. Besides offering practically every product (or so it seems) that you can actually buy online, they list a huge selection of movies, TV shows, videos, TV specials, and more. In fact you can search for just about any conceivable product on this site, and it will have it.

Speaking of DVDs and videos, DVD Dispatcher is site dedicated to listing virtually every DVD video that is available. Here you can find over 100,000 DVDs in over 25 categories. A sister site is VHS Dispatcher. VHS Dispatcher is a similar site but offers only VHS videos. If you are looking for a specific video title, you may have to check both sites, as certain movies are only available on DVD, or VHS, and not both.

10-27-04  With the holiday shopping season just around the corner, I wanted to mention that gourmet food offers great possibilities as gifts for those folks who already seem to have everything. Zingermans delicatessen is one of those places where you can get all kinds of exotic foods, for shipment anywhere in the US. An Ann Arbor, MI favorite for many years, they started offering gourmet food online a few years ago. I have eaten there many times, and send their gift baskets out as gifts for relatives. Another large online gourmet food store is Grand Gourmet Food. They offer a complete selection of baking supplies, breads, candy, cheeses from all around the world, exotic meats and pates, prepared meals, and even seafood and caviar. In fact just talking about it is making me hungry. If you are a fan of alaskan king crab, I heartily recommend you check out their selection of crab legs. As I mentioned before, gourmet food makes a great gift, but be sure to buy extra portions for yourself so you can appreciate the value of the gifts you are giving.

10-08-04  When shopping for women's clothes, you may find just what you are looking for at Top Womens Clothes. This site offers an incredible selection of heavily discounted designer women's apparel from top designers like Bettye Muller, Chaiken, BCBG, Nicole Miller, Rebecca Taylor, Tara Jarmon, and many others. The discounts on these designer clothes approach 75% off in some cases. If you are looking for fancy clothes for the holidays for yourself, your wife, or your girlfriend, you will do well taking a look at this site. 

Their designer Men's Clothing store site, is located at, you guessed it, Top Mens Clothes. Top Men's Clothes offers a large variety of designer Men's apparel at similar discounts. Some of the discounted designers clothes offered include Michael Kors, Martin Margiela, Helmut Lang, French Connection, Dolce and Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, and more. Here you can find Men's suits, blazers, pants, shirts, shoes, and even neckties for yourself or the men in your life. Because these are mostly closeout items, availability changes frquently, so if you find something you like, buy it before it disappears.

8-14-04  As we get closer to hunting season, you may find yourself thinking about shopping online for hunting gear. You can find many good deals and great prices on hunting equipment, guns, ammo, gun cases, reloading supplies and more at Hunters Elite.  A huge assortment of ammunition sorted by manufacturer and brand plus ammo sorted by type is offered for sale by this new hunting supplies retailer. Should you need a new rifle, pistol or handgun, they offer that as well. Their gun gear section is chock full of parts for guns, as well as complete guns. If you are into hunting with bow and arrow, check out the complete array of offering in their archery department

8-08-04  We are getting ready to change the look and feel of our home, and so naturally we went looking for furniture stores and home furnishings sites on the web.  There are quite a few discount furniture stores out there, but Furniture Complete is one of the best.  Check out their huge assortment of bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, home lighting, kids furniture and home decor products.  Their listing of furniture and home products brands is also quite impressive.  While it may seem a little strange to buy furniture and home decor goods on the web, it is a very fast growing category due to the discount prices offered by these online furniture retailers. Arc Home Products is another good resource to find items for your home.  This one offers a huge array of home appliances including dishwashers, cooking ranges, Kitchenaid appliances, and trash compactors.  The offerings of home decor and home appliances are truly staggering.  Try finding such a large array of home furnishings at your local furniture store. They will have a hard time matching the selection let alone the pricing that are offered by these two furniture and home products web sites.

7-18-04  Sometimes when the weather is bad, you may want to curl up around the TV and watch some interesting videos even thiough it is summertime in the Western Hemisphere.  Public TV Videos offers a large selection of videos from PBS (Public Broadcasting System).  Here you can find episodes from the wildly successful "American Experience" TV program.  Nearly the complete selection of NOW with Bill Moyers videos is also available.  For the kids you will discover Scientific_American_Frontiers_Videos with episodes featuring Alan Alda as commentator.  The videos for the NOVA TV series can be found in the NOVA Videos section.  In any case Public TV videos offers one of the largest selections of TV programs shown on public television stations. 

7-08-04  One of my favorite online bookstores is R Bookshop. This store has been around almost as long as internet shopping has been around.  They recently updated the look and feel of this site, and it's even more easy to use than before. Being interested in science and technology, I naturally spend a lot of time shopping for discounted science books in their science book section. This section alone has over 65,000 science book listings.

What better way to capture the memories of summer than with a new digital camera.  Several online retailers I have looked at recently, offer a wide range of digital cameras in all price ranges.  A large selection of Canon digital cameras can be found at Camera Digger.  Meanwhile Gadget Digger offers a large selection of digital cameras at its digital camera store.  When you have taken all the pictures you possibly can, you may found it useful to print them out on a new digital photo printer, also available from Gadget Digger. 

7-6-04  I hope everyone had a fine time on the fourth of July.  With the number of boats I saw on the road and on the water, you would think everyone has gone boating mad.  Speaking of all things marine, you will find a sweet boating store at Boating Superstore. Besides the standard GPS accessories, etc., they offer bilge pumps and accessories, paddleboats, jet ski covers, and many other products to cover your boating and marine systems needs. Take a look and I think you will agree that this is one of the better Boating superstores on the internet.

6-30-04  Summertime is one of the best times to get caught up on home repairs, and get some projects around the house completed.  Should you decide that now is the time to tackle those easy to ignore problems, you may want to check out Top Brand Tools.  They offer a huge selection (over 100,000 item listings) covering a vast array of products. 

The Animal care section of Top Brand Tools has bird baths, bird cages, cat food and dog food, pet shampoo and more.  Of course if they don't have the item you are looking for you can always try Pet Complete.

The large automotive products store offers radiator hoses, oil filters, spark plugs, grease guns, cartop carriers, engine stands, mechanics creepers, and just about anything you need to get your car or truck in tip top shape.  Of course, if you can't find the auto or truck part you need here, you can always try Arc Auto Parts, which is one of the largest auto parts stores on the internet comprising over 17 gigabytes of pages devoted to auto parts for over 70 different car makes, and over 1000 different car and truck models.

Top Brand Tools also has an extensive selection of electrical parts for home and shop including ceiling fans, electrical tools, circuit breakers, electrical boxes, dimmer switches, appliance cords, grounding rods, and an absolutely huge selection of electrical wall plates

In their heating and cooling department you will find room and basement heaters, space heaters, fireplace grates, and firewood holders, and fireplace tools.

In their outdoor equipment section, there are kids baseball gloves, basketball goals and nets, ice chests and coolers, oil lamps, and much more to make your outdoor activities more enjoyable.

There also great deals and extensive selections of products in the Top Brand Tools Home Appliances Store, Building Supplies Store, Farm Supplies Store, and Tool Store.

To cap it all off, it appears that Top Brand Tools is poised to become one of the internet's leading suppliers of tools, and hardware. kitchen goods, pet supplies, and more.  Check them out.  We think you will find this online store to be everything you are looking for in a corner hardware store type website.

5-19-04  With today being the day all Americans were supposed to not buy gasoline, it seems a day to look at all the advantages of online shopping.  Besides saving gas, time, and money, you can also find products that would be just about impossible to find at your local store.  In fact you would probably have to visit a dozen or more hobby stores in order to match the breadth of hobby offerings at Hobby Discounter. This online store is broken up into 10 sections, one each for the different types of hobby products offered.  These sections include the Astronomy Store, which offers telescopes and other astronomical related products for the amateur astronomer. Next up is the Die Cast Store, which has a very large assortment of die-cast Chevys, Fords, Choppers, Hot Wheels and more.  You can find all kinds of RC vehicles in the Radio Control Store. Slot cars, tracks, HO scale cars, and more are in the Slot Cars Store. All different kinds of hard to find games, puzzles and toys can be found in their Toys and Games Store. If you prefer shopping by toy brand, then check out the Hobby Brands Store. Many of us enjoyed putting together plastic models that use airplane glue.  You can find these in the Hobby Models Store.  Of course the more you enjoy your hobby, the more likely you will need various hobby tools like paint brushes, paint, glue, compressors, detail kits, and cutting knives.  The Hobby Tools and Supplies Store is where you can find these items at discount prices.  Last, but not least, those into toy trains and model railroading will enjoy browsing the large selection of trains, and train related hobby gear in the Model Railroading Store.

5-13-04  Western Apparel and clothes are becoming more and more popular. This seems to parallel the rise in popularity of country music.   If you are into the "Western" thing, you might want to check out They offer a large selection of Western style Mens Belts, Black felt cowboy hats, Men's motorcycle boots, and other western style apparel and accessories.  For the young pardners, there is a complete selection of Children's Western Boots, Children's ropers, and other cool stuff.

5-08-04  One thing I recently noticed about the web is the relative dearth of online auto parts stores.  Arc Auto Parts is one of the few out there that offer a complete selection of third party and aftermarket auto parts for just about any type of vehicle. They have auto parts for over 75 different makes, models, and brands of cars, trucks, motorcyles, and ATVs. Whether you need Cadillac auto parts, Chevrolet auto parts, PT Cruiser auto parts or even parts for your Rolls Royce or Lexus you are likely to find them here.  They also have a large selection of parts and add-ons for your ATV.

5-2-04 Drums Complete offers has a large selection of Bongo Drums. If rock and roll drumming is your gig, then check out the selection of Yamaha Drumsets.

ARC Power Tools is a new power tools store offering a huge selection of power tools for both professionals and do it yourselfers. They have available for sale agricultural tools, including landscape rakes, 3 point attachments, mini excavators and other handy tools for construction and farming. An extensive selection of welding tools and accessories can be found in their welding supplies section. Included are plasma cutters, cutting torches, arc welders, and spot welders. Other power tools and related power tool accessories can be found in their outdoor power tools section, their air tools department, and their shop tools section.

4-24-04  Some new sporting goods sites have come online in the last few days.  Check out the large selection of Major League Baseball products available at MLB Memorabilia.  Featuring baseball collectibles, apparel and other fan swag, this site has sections for each major league baseball team. Though it is now past the prime skiing season, Ultimate Skiing offers many hard to find items for the skiing enthusiast. 

Shoe Site offers a very large selection of hard to find shoes, boots, sandals and much more.  Check it out and you will find Shoe Accessories
like arch supports, shoe care products, top quality handbags to match your new shoes, and more. The Children's Shoes section includes all types of shoes for children, boys, and girls from sandals and dress shoes, to boots and athletic shoes. The Men's Shoes area offers hiking shoes, golf shoes, mocs, walking shoes, running shoes, sandals, and more. There is also a large Shoe Brands section offering a complete selection of shoes from great brands like Adidas, Birkenstock, Reebok, Timberland, Skecher's, and many more. The Women's Shoes  area has footwear that will work great in every situation with dress sandals, running shoes, knee boots, casual canvas, clogs, loafers, and much more.

4-20-04 I have found a new website specializing in all different types of shoes.  The website is  I have found all different brands, including Johnston & Murphy, Wolverine (including Wolverine Durashocks Kiltie Lacer Steel-Toe), Birkenstock, and Merrell (Merell or Merell).  Hard to find shoes like Stacy Adams and Capezio Dance can be shipped to your house in no time at all.  I really appreciate the discounts available which are listed on the website.  They also have handbags and luggage.  The prices are better than those at the mall - and they even have wide and narrow sizes.  They have 2 other stores, including and where you can also find some great deals.

3-29-04  If you are planning a trip or vacation and would like to get yourself acquainted ahead of time with the area that wish to visit, you may want to visit Last Minute Travel Books. Whether you are heading to the Middle East, Japan, China or just to a town in the next state over, you will travel books that can help you get the most out of your next business trip, vacation, or holiday. Many interesting books on travel to Alaska, Beijing, Bermuda, Denmark, Greece, Japan, Virginia, New York City, and more can all be found here.  Plus, many of these books make for interesting reading, even if you don't have a trip scheduled.

3-25-04  A large selection of men's, women's and children's apparel and clothes is now online at Ava Shopping. You can find a large selection of oriental rugs, bathroom furniture, low cost office desks, folding tables, and even gun cabinets. A huge selection of kitchen items can be found here. If you are looking for Martha Stewart related items, still popular after her recent legal troubles, you can find them in the Martha Stewart spread out throughout Ava Shopping.  I especially like the Martha Stewart blanket selection, the Martha Stewart bedding, and the Martha Stewart draperies. In their lawn and garden section, you can purchase oversized canopies for both boats, cars, RVs, and general storage.  Patio accessories, outdoor chairs, garden sheds, and even Martha Stewart patio furniture can be bought there as well. In their Health and Beauty section, you can buy men's fragrances, women's fragrances, diabetic testing equipment, tanning beds of all kinds, wheelchair accessories, and other health and beauty products to help you get more out of life.  If you have someone in your family who is incontinent, you know that buying personal care products to cover this affliction, is embarrassing, and difficult.  The solution: Buy them at the Ava Shopping Incontinence Care Store. A large selection of video games with some of the best selling and most popular titles can be found in the Video Games section of this store. Overall, this store is really well laid out, the prices are very attractive, and a large selection of products, mostly from Kmart, are offered for purchase.  We think you will enjoy shopping at this online department store.

Another huge sporting goods store that I just recently found is located at Mega Sporting Goods. This must be one of the largest sporting goods stores on the internet, and offers a mind boggling variety of sports equipment, professional team logo apparel, and more.  The list of sports categories is indeed impressive.  Here are just a few of the sports catgeories they offer : Camping, Cheerleading, College Sports, Cycling, Darts, DVD's & Books, Fishing, Fitness, Footwear, Running, Skateboarding, Snow Sports, Soccer, Boxing, Apparel, Golf, Health & Beauty, House Wares, Hunting, Lacrosse, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Amateur Hockey, Softball, Archery, Badminton, Billiards, Bowling, Racquetball, Rugby, Motorsports, Outdoor Equipment, Outdoor Games, Paintball, Tennis, Track & Field, Volleyball, Water Sports, Weight Lifting, and Yoga. I have double-checked many of the prices of popular products that they offer, and while they do not always have the best price, their prices are consistently within just a few percentage points of other lesser known sports equipment retailers.Though I have talked about other sporting goods sites such as Sport Sensation, Sporting Goods Discounter, and Sports Gear Digger, this is one of the best places I have found yet to buy sports equipment, sporting goods, camping equipment, sports memorabilia, and other sports related products.

2-28-04 A real nice home and garden store featuring outdoor furniture is at Garden Sensation. Check out the Bench Furniture section which shows a beautiful selection of outdoor benches made of teak, iron, steel.  To keep your nice outdoor furniture in good condition, a set of outdoor furniture covers may come in handy.  I also like the Chatworth furniture selection.  In all there is over 2000 items for your home and garden on display. 

 2-20-04  Ace Hardware now has an online store.  It joins a large group of other bricks and mortar retailers like Walmart K-Mart, Best Buy, Home Shopping Network, Circuit City, Compusa, who have seen the light when it comes to online retailing.

Now that spring is almost here, it might be time for a new baseball glove, or even a set of golf clubs.  In fact I am considering purchasing a set of Taylormade RAC golf irons with steel shafts.  If you are getting ready to go to the beach, you might consider a new bikini for yourself, (or wife/girlfriend)  You can find them in the Bikini Store at Discount Clothes.  If you are into boats, you might want to check out the new boating accessories store at Boating Superstore. There is a nice selectiuon of Garmin Fishfinders here.

1/31/04 R Book Shop is an excellent resource to find books on nearly any topic.  There are separate sections for cooking, science fiction, art, sports, hobbies and more.  In their computer books section, I found a few good books on  the Bluetooth wireless networking standard.  Bluetooth is the wildly popular wireless standard that is used by cellphones, PDAs, and other handheld communications systems.

1/28/04  Arc Hardware is a new hardware and tool store that offers a large selection of products in association with Ace Hardware.  This site is actually easier to use than Ace itself, because the design is much cleaner.  Check out their selection of basement storage products, which can be used to organize your garage, basement, closets, etc.  If you ever lose your garage door opener, several models of universal garage door openers are also available.

Ava Jewelry is a new jewelry store that offers a large selection of both men's and women's jewelry.  I think pearls make a great accessory item with just the right clothes. Click here for their large selection of Pearl Strands.  Here is nice listing of beautiful ruby necklaces. For those so inclined to wearing them, there is a complete collection of toe rings as well. 

1/19/04 - I found a few more cool stores on the web.  Check out Buy Gourmet Foods.  They have all kinds of exotic and gourmet food including Yak Meat, Fresh Fish, Lobsters, Crab Meat, Chipotle, and even Sushi.  If you love exotic food, make it a point to check out this site, and purchase some of their discount gourmet foods.

I also found a new Sporting Goods Store.  Its called Sports Gear Digger, and it offers a very large and complete collection of sporting goods of all types.  Baseball equipment and memorabilia can be found in this section. You will also find Basketball equipment, Camping Equipment, Cycling Gear, Fishing Equipment, Football Products, Hunting Gear, Ice Hockey Equipment, In-Line Skating equipment, Lacrosse related items, Running Gear, Skateboard stuff, Soccer equipment and accessories, Softball equipment, Tennis Gear, and Water Sports Equipment.  In addition, there is a huge selection of Team Logo Gear including logo apparel for Arena Football, The 2004 Athens Olympics, Minor League Baseball, Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, NASCAR, National Basketball Association, The NCAA, National Football League, National Hockey League, USFL, WNBA, and World Soccer.  Overall, if there is sporting goods or sports collectibles you are looking for, they probably have it at Sports Gear Digger.

12/26/03 - With Christmas over, now is the time for bargain hunting.  Bargains can be found at Ava Home Products, Home Butcher Plus, Arc Hardware, plus many of the stores listed below. 

A new tool store is online.  Check out Mega Tool Source for a large selection of tools and industrial equipment.

For women's shoes, you may want to try shopping at Top Womens Shoes. Men's shoes can be found in large quantity at Top Mens Shoes.

11/3/03 - With the Holiday season approaching, more people are searching for toys on the web.  Check out Toy Blaster, an online toy store with pretty good prices. 

When it somes to buying products on the web, I prefer shopping at sites that are uncluttered, easy to use, easy to navigate, and easy to find what you are looking for.  In any case, this is my search and shopping page, which is where I put cool links to purchase computers, electronics, software, tools, baby products, fishing and hunting gear, accessories, and more.   There are even sporting goods and shoes listed here now.   Another nice store that has lots of hardware and tools is at Hardware Complete. They have everything from Bobcat Excavators to Snowblowers to screws and nails.  Another cool harwdare store is at Tools Complete which offers a com,pletely diferent set of harwdare and tools mostly from Northern Tool. Just check out their list of Power tools! They also have all the top tool brands like Makita and Dewalt, and many others.

Check out the new Luggage store at Arc LuggageArc Stereo is their sister store that offers a large selection of discount stereo equipment. Arc DVD is a new store offering discount DVDs. 

A new Musical Instrument store has been added. Check out Instrument Universe, a store catering specifically to musicians, and musical instrument lovers.   In this store there are sections for guitars, bass guitars, percussion and drums, recording equipment, music keyboards, orchestra instruments, plus music related books and video.

A few new stores have recently come online.  These include, a very large apparel store which sells mens and womens clothes, apparel, accessories, jewlery, wallets, swimwear, watches and more.  Be sure to check out the large selection of luggage and travel accessories. You can also shop by brand name. Also check out he perfumes and fragrances offered at

Another cool site that I have just started using is Google's News page.  This is a great place to get all the news across a diverse variety of news sources.  Its much faster, cheaper, and better than getting the daily newspaper, though I admit I still get a few printed newspapers, and of course quite  a few magazines.  More news magazines can be found at  They also have newspapers.

Feel free to click around, there are quite a few specialty stores listed here that have great products you can buy at discount prices from the most trusted internet retailers. - taw

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Most Popular Stores
These are some top online stores that we are sure you will enjoy shopping at.  Each one is connected to major online retailers with great customer privacy and security initiatives.  In our opinion, you will enjoy shopping at these stores and have the peace of mind knowing that your information is secure.
Sport Sensation
50,000+ sporting goods and fan gear
Tool Realm
Discount name-brand tool store
Toy Blaster
Discount toy store
50,000+ sporting goods and fan gear
Instrument Universe
Musical instruments & Accessories
Discount Clothes
Discount Clothing Store
More books sorted by category
Shoe Nook
Brand name dicsount shoe store
Electronics Paradise
very large book store
Top Brand Clothing
Discount clothing, apparel, & acc.
Top Brand Tools
Guitars, bass guitars, & more
Sports Logo Central
Home Sensation
Beautiful accessories for your home
Kitchen Sensation
Brand name shoe store
Hardware Complete
Hardware store with 1000s of items.
Sunglass Nook
Discount Sunglasses
Book Digger
350,000+ books for sale
Tools Complete
Large selection of industrial tools
A large list of Electronics links to stores that sell discount electronics
A large list of Clothing and Apparel links to stores that sell discount clothes. You may also want to check out our sister clothing and apparel e-zine.
A large list of major shoe brand links.
Bookdigger is a Web site that offers overs over 350,000 books on a huge range of subjects including Art Books, Science Books, Travel Books and more.

Here is a partial list of books and book related products Bookdigger has to offer:

Biography Books
Biographics of famous people
Business Books
Top business books
Childrens Books

Books for kids & young adults
Childrens Books by Author

Kids books sorted by author
Computer Books

Books on computer topics
Cooking Books

Great recipe books and more
Rare and Collectible Books

This site has a large selection of first editions and other rare books. 
Engineering Books

Engineering textbooks
History Books

Casual reading and history textbooks
Hobby Books

Law Books
Mathematics Books
Medical Books
Popular Author Books
Religion Books
Romance Books
Science Fiction Books
Sports Books

More book links are here.

More Resources
Discount Bookstore
Medical Professional Books

Disease Books
Parenting Books

Discount Magazine Subscriptions

Tools & Hardware< br> has a very large assortment of tools and hardware you can buy. A few other tool stores I like are listed below.
Coopertools Store
offering tools made by Cooper, one of the top tool brands.
Makita Store
offers over 300 different tools and accessories offered by Makita.
Measuring Instruments

all kinds of measuring instruments typically used in home repair and contruction
Tool Digger

offering a large selection of garden tools, in a an easy to use web discount store format.
DeWalt Tool Store at Tools Complete.  This store has over 500 product listings just for this category.   Over 30,000 total product listings were available the last time I checked.

Tool Realm offers a large selection of tools, hardware and more

another interesting online tool store.

More Resources
Tool Universe
Wolverine Boots
Tool Giant
Corn Stoves
Construction Equipment
Concrete Mixers
Masonry Block Saws
Mortar Mixers
Plate Compactors
PTO Attachments
Agricultural Tools
Backhoe Attachments
Cordless Tools
PTO Attachments
Chain Saws
Pressure Washers
Hardware & Tool Store

Baby Products offers a complete line of baby products for moms and babies.  The complete total was over 9000 listings the last time I checked.  Check out their huge selection of strollers, over 100 in all.  Here are some more baby stores and links.
Baby Einstein
Baby Room Decor
Baby Receiving Blankets
Baby Toys
Discount Baby Store
Baby Products
John Lennon Collection
Nursery Lamps

Lightweight Strollers
Baby Name Books


Cameras & Accessories
When I need to buy camera stuff, I usually check out   first. It has all of Amazon's camera items in an easy to use list format. Electronics Paradise is another online store which carries Computer Microphones as well as Discount Electronics products in general.
Kitchen & Bath has an amazing assortment of kitchen products, and each page is sorted by discount percentage. Over 10,000 kitchen items of every type are available to buy including coffeemakers, grills, tableware sets, pots and pan sets, rice cookers, and accesories.
More Kitchen Resources:
Cooking Videos
Discount Kitchen Products
Kitchen Store
Calphalon Store
Sugar Bowls
Non Stick Pans

Home Sensation
Kitchen Sensation
Nonstick Cookware
Toaster Ovens
Cuisinart Store
Bread Toasters
Stainless Bakeware
Ultrex Cookware
Food Smokers
Food Dehydrators
Top Brand Housewares 
Videos & DVDs
Fishing & Hunting is a new discount boating and fishing store that offers over 15,000 product listings sorted into several hundred categories.  If you are looking foir any kind of boating accessyou will probably find it here.
More Outdoor Products
Fishing Videos
Hunting Books
Hunting Videos

Hunting Magazines
Fishing Magazines
Sportman Magazines
Boating Magazines
Bowhunting Magazines

If fishing and hunting gear is your thing, you may wish to visit Sports Goodies, an online sporting goods shopping e-zine.  Another one you can try is Hunters Elite.


Lately, I have been listening to a lot of jazz, and have been picking up music from This must be one of the largest music stores on the internet.  With over 5000 artists, and 50,000+ titles.  If it;s jazz music, they seem to have it. also has a large slection of music books, CDs, DVDs, and other goodies. If music instruments like guitars, bass guitars, drums, keyboards, etc. are what you are after, Check out Instrument Universe. They offer top brand name musical instruments at discount prices.
More Music Resources:

Amazon Hot 100 Music Titles
Discount Jazz Store
Pat Metheny

Musical Toy Store
Music Instruction Books
Piano Instruction Books
Discount Music CDs

Gift Stores is a luxury goods store with vintage and new watches, perfumes, pen and pencil sets, sunglasses, designer jewelry and more. Sporting goods also make nice gifts.  For the nfl fan on your list, try this store which offers memorabilia like jerseys, balls etc.,  from all major NFL teams.
More Gift Stores
Ava Gifts
offering a large selection of gifts, videos and more from The Discovery Channel, and
Maritime Treasures
NBA Logo Products
NHL Logo Gifts
MLB Logo Gear
NFL Logo Goods

Johnston and Murphy Shoes
Radio Control Toy Store
Hobby Store
Mega Sporting Goods

Gifts, Toys, Games, and other fun stuff.
Toy Store (updated daily)
Lord of the Rings Toys
Berenstain Bears

Video Games
Software for Kids

Bloomberg News
Harry Potter Store
Phish Poster Archive
Mercury Breaking News
Loch Erin Neighbors

Buzby Builders
Detroit Limo
Maritime Treasures Gift Store

Car Magazines

Sporting Goods is a sporting goods store with Baseball Equipment, Basketball stuff, Hockey Equipment, Tennis Gear, Boating Equipment, and more. Be sure to check out the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL fan stuff. Sporting Goods Discounter is another great source for sporting goods like football equipment, tennis racqets, camping gear, and golf equipment.
More Sporting Goods Stores
Boating and Fishing
Mega Sporting Goods
Golf Equipment
Soccer Gear
Hunting Equipment
Hunting Magazines
Outdoor Goods
Hunting Magazines
Sports Magazine Store
Wolverine Boots

NFL Sunglasses
Tennis Apparel
Raquetball Store
Top Brand Sporting Goods
Sports Goodies
Sporting Goods Superstore

For Windows PCs
Mac Video Games
Computer Magazines

XBox Video Games
Programming Books

Video Game Store
for home and office
CD Writers
Giant Computer Store
Compaq Store

Computer Network Support - Michigan
Computer Books
Video Games
D-Link Products

Game Gear 4 U
More cool sites
Buzby Builders
Dominant Systems, Ann Arbor Computer Network Support Provider
AllStar Transportation
Sunglasses Store
Pet Store
Guitar Store
Fish Pet Supplies
Fish Food
Bird Pet Supplies
Dog Pet Supplies
Reptile Supplies
Wild Bird Supplies
Rabbit Supplies
Phish Poster Archive
RV Universe
Musical Instruments
The Band Critic
Do It Yourself PC Guide
Ready Shop Plus
Pro Tool Brands
Book Territory
Book Blog
Industrial Tool Store 1
Music Munchers
Do It Yourself PC Guide
Perfume Store
Men's Colognes
Womes's Perfume Store
Perfume Brand Listing
Disaster Preparedness Education
Collectible Vases
Honest Shopping Guide
My Shopping Place
Shoe Store Links
BlogBiB - Blog Directory
BlogTagstic - Blog Directory
Blog Directory

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